Statapillar is

Easy data analysis

Statapillar is the user-first analysis platform. We automate clear answers to your questions based on your data, no matter how much you have; with no math or programming required.

Upload Data

Easily upload your data to our platform

Answer your questions

Simply pick from our wide variety of models, and the rest is automated

Visualize the answers

We offer powerful interactive charts that help you understand the answer to your question

simple data driven decision making

Easy Workflow

We promote your confidence and help you make better decisions through our simple and clear guided workflow.

Results catered to you

Interactive Results

Our simulation based results help you answer a wide variety of questions based on your needs and your data. Easily understand what your data tells you, no matter its size.

Catered Experience

The First Step Guarantee

We are passioanate about helping you succeed in using Statapillar. If you have any questions, or would like a consultation. Please Email

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